The Symonds family Adventure

Day One  – Friday 7 July 2017

This is the first post of our new “big adventure” blog.

Obviously the only people who read this will already know who we are and what we are up to.   However, in case there is anyone who has inadvertently stumbled across this blog and, in any event, to give the blog the facade of professionalism, we should start with an introduction.   We are:

Richard, Lucy, Barnaby (8), Casper (7) and Thomas (7).    We live in Yorkshire England and we are new to blogging.

We are about to head off for a 43 day holiday to Canada and America.   This is, we hope, going to be a once in a lifetime holiday and this blog is, we hope, going to be a record of what we get up to.

It all starts in a couple of hours with a flight from Leeds.




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