DAY 30 – Little River Inn, Mendocino, California

Lucy speaking.  We have had poor internet connection for the last few days so let me update you on what we have been doing while we have been off grid.

We have spent two days exploring the magnificent redwood forests and the Californian coast.

The Sequoias are amazing.  Many of them are over 300 feet high and 3000 years old. They towered over us and created a shaded playground for the boys.  Tom was particular skillful at finding fire damaged trees that he could crawl through.

We visited the tourist attraction “Mystery of trees” which had a cable car that took us up and over the forest  canopy.  It was good but we actually saw some of the most spectacular trees in the local trails, just moments from our accommodation.

The accomodation was pretty basic.  It had very uncomfortable beds and red glass bowls and plates which made the food look terrifying.   It did have one perk though; it was set in an Elk meadow and we woke up surrounded by the herd. The picture below is our car parked in the drive.

Richard found us a fantastic trail through a damp, cold microclimate at Fern Canyon.  It was beautiful, very green, with ferns and moss lining the walls of the canyon.  We had fun navigating the many crossings and stopping for a picnic.  It was hard to imagine we had left Grants Pass the previous day where the temperature was 112 at 6 in the evening.

IMG_1087When Barnaby and Casper got back to the bungalow  they wanted a bowl of water thrown over them, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth…IMG_1089.JPGWe are now in a beautiful hotel near Mendocino with views of the sea from our terrace. Mendocino is very pretty with 19th century clapboard houses with pretty gardens.  It reminded my of the very chi chi Martha’s Vineyard.

Richard and I booked a baby sitter on Saturday and had a fabulous meal at Trillium restaurant. Our first dinner which wasn’t served with fries!


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