Day 40 – 20 August 2017. The Best Western, New York. In the home straight.

We have had a few problems with the blog and our last few blogs have not posted so I have some ground to cover to bring you up to date. Today we are in New York and have spent an afternoon looking at skyscrapers, dinosaurs and mummies but more about that later. Thomas’s last post was from Yosemite where we were staying in a log cabin in Wawona so let’s pick up from there.

Wawona was beautiful and ruggard. Signs warned of mountain lions but the biggest wildlife we saw were the mosquitos. They were fierce enough.

The boys swam in the waterfalls and rivers which were glacially cold. (It took Richard even longer than his usual 30 minutes to get his shoulders under the water).

Barnaby fashioned a water slide from the smooth rocks while I tried to avoid estimating how much damage a boy could do to himself with granite, rushing water and a rubber ring.

We travelled down to the the valley floor to hire bikes. We saw half dome mountain and America’s tallest waterfall but the valley was crowded and commercialliaed and very hot so we retreated to our log cabin.

In the evening Richard was in his element cooking spencer steak (what we call rib eye) on the massive BBQ on our deck.

We were contacted on Tuesday, our last evening in Yosemite, by the forest ranger. A wild fire had started a few miles to the East of where we were staying. We were told to pack our car and prepare to evacuate if contacted again. It would depend on the weather and direction of the wind.

We could see and smell the smoke and the fire planes and helicopters overhead. We packed the car and left early in the morning. We later learnt that the fire had spread from 20 acres to 2900 acres, and that despite 150 fire fighters, it was only 10% contained. Later that week there was indeed a forced evacuation but by then we were safely ensconced in the very swanky Carmel Valley.


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